Wealth accumulation and preservation is the primary focus of Mark S. Weaver Wealth Advisory, LLC. Our approach is to take a holistic view and consider your full financial picture before making a recommendation. Make a thorough background of discovery, implement proper and appropriate planning and instill an appropriate investment strategy based on your goals and objectives.

Continued periodic monitoring and review is done, as well as interpreting ongoing economic and market developments and measuring their impact on our client’s goals, objectives and portfolio. Wealth can be eroded by inflation, economic downturns, taxes, life`s uncertainties and natural calamities and the ever-increasing costs of elder living care.

We help you understand how to position yourself in the marketplace and to understand the impact of volatility, price fluctuation and personal risk tolerance in comparison to your financial objectives and investment portfolio.

Together we can help you identify your goals, analyze your risk profile, assess your needs and establish a plan of action. Additionally, our job is to help you maintain and improve your standard of living, maximize wealth and help you prepare for monetary independence in your retirement. We will assist you in organizing all aspects of your financial life and help you make sure that your loved ones are always taken care of - these are the goals and the very purpose of the existence of Mark S. Weaver Wealth Advisory, LLC.